Lighting is an extremely important part of a home, but often left to the last minute. People spend most of their time in their homes. Good lighting can play an important role in bringing a home to life, as well as making it easier for the occupants to engage in work or leisure activities.

When lighting up your home, you should take advantage of natural light wherever possible. The key to success with any lighting scheme is to ensure it meets two criteria: it must give light where it is needed, and the effect it creates should enhance the room’s appearance by creating a balanced mixture of light and shadow. Few homes take advantage of the design possibilities that good lighting can offer, preferring to rely on the traditional centre point in each room. Choosing fittings, in keeping with the style of the room, will help to ensure that the lighting looks good by day or night.

Our product range varies from outdoor lighting, to crystal chandeliers - anything to do with lighting for domestic or commercial applications.

outdoor lighting

Our range includes bollards, garden spikes, outdoor lanterns and specialized LED lighting. LED technology has allowed one to be creative with outdoor lighting, using low wattage consumption with a very long lamp life. LED at this stage is really for subtle lighting only, giving a soft light perfect for walkways, and low level lighting.

South Africans tend to spend a lot of time outdoors, so garden lighting, done in conjunction with the landscaper, can extend one's inside living areas outdoors. Lighting up a tree or a pathway goes a long way towards finishing one's garden design. Always use low wattage lamps, and fittings that have low maintenance , especially if the lighting is to be left burning all night.

indoor lighting

This can make or break a home. Lighting correctly positioned makes a huge difference, and good lighting can enhance the character of a home. For example, a dark passage can make a house look small and narrow. By increasing the light output the passage looks bigger. Now the passage can be used to hang pictures, or used as a photo gallery. The passage has now become a feature part of the home.

Our range includes pendants, chandeliers, ceiling fittings, down lighters, wall lights and spotlights. Choose from a wide range of fittings, and colors of the above items - Modern, Contempory, Cottage and Victorian. A light fitting used in the correct place will enhance the décor of the home. A brass chandelier in a modern home does not fit into the décor, but use the brass fitting in a game lodge or a Victorian home and it completes the home.

One does not need a huge budget to light a home correctly. The use of down lighters in a home has become the norm in the industry. This gives one the benefit of always having good lighting, and one can now change the décor of a home without changing the lighting. The use of table lamps, chandeliers, and wall lights can bring in the "wow" feature, and enhance the home's unique character.




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